drew powers
full name andrew "drew" jackson powers nicknames drew, d, weaselby (cv week only) birthdate + age october 20, 1975 + 41 hometown manhattan, ny current residence berlin, germany comicverse weasel (veil lifted: 10/14/16) occupation Freelance Computer Hacker prior occupation game designer/programmer relationship status divorced pets none
Andrew Jackson Powers was born to Jonathan Powers Sr. and Senator Cynthia Powers in Manhattan, New York. Shortly after Drew was born, his brother Jonathan Powers Jr. came into the world, and it was clear at a young age that Drew wasn't exactly the child his parents wanted. This was more evident as he grew up - his younger brother was given everything in life: support, love, even more allowance. Drew had to work for everything, and was still given nothing. Being the son of a real estate tycoon and a New York Senator, Drew was expected to do certain things. He was expected to go into the careers his parents had, and he was expected to become a rich and powerful human being.

Neither of these things happened.

In fact, Drew fell in love with computers at a young age, and took a liking to doing that. No trips to the gun club with his father would ever get Drew to become a bleeding heart, though Drew did learn how to make weapons because of it. No, Drew was a genius who preferred technology to people, because technology would never let you down, and technology never chose it's younger son over you. Mostly because technology was not a human, but that was neither here nor there. As far as the Powers were concerned, their son was a monster, not living up to their expectations. So what happened next? The day Drew graduated high school, his parents disowned him. They gave him access to his larger than life trust fund, so that people wouldn't think that they just let their poor son out into the world on his own, and shut the door in his face.

As Drew left for college, he could see his brother mocking him from his old bedroom window. Drew flipped off Jon, and it was the last time he saw his parents or his brother.

Drew's collegiate career wasn't anything to write home about, but he did have a decent time. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in with a degree in Bachelors of Science in Game Design & Development in 1999, and soon landed a job in New York working for Rockstar Games' NYC branch in that same year. He was there for a few years until deciding he wanted to try to land a job somewhere a little far away from New York (though not much, cause you know, commitment issues, etc), and ended up getting a Game Programmer position at Irrational Games in 2005. He started in the company on the first Bioshock game, and Drew stayed with Irrational through the release of Bioshock Infinite and through ending of the company in 2014.

Through his mainstay in Boston, Drew learned a lot about himself. Most importantly, he learned he was too quick to push people away, but it was a habit that he never really unlearned. He was selfish because of his family, and in the small moments where Drew let his guard down enough, he almost always got burned. Because of that, Drew had very little relationships, which ended up working out for him in the long run. Drew quickly realized that people view him as the comedic relief and do not take him terribly seriously, and because of that, he has very few close friends he thinks he can depend on. Even so, he hides any pain or troubles he is feeling and going through, as he never wants to bother people. In October 2016, Drew found his world changed when he was lifted with his other persona Weasel full time, and the two men worked together seamlessly to become one person; perhaps the most defining moment of his life.

Drew tries his best not to get frustrated, but deep down all Drew wants is to be accepted. He wants people to like him, even when he hates himself (especially when he hates himself), and because of this he will do anything to make people be happy. This sometimes makes him seem to be a bit different when it comes to those he is around. He's also loyal to friends, and when they are hurt by someone, he is quick to defend them - because of this, Drew is not too fond of some of his friend's exes, even if it ended on good terms. This is mostly because Drew can't keep himself together long enough to make his own relationships to work, and this causes a bit of jealousy that he can't explain.

Not that he could explain, when he's too busy hiding all the serious things he worries about behind a screen of lame jokes and even lamer ideas. Drew tried his best to keep an open mind, but he was never exactly happy in his life. But he was trying to be. He helped a friend open a gaming bar, he tried to be open to new experiences and friendships, and found himself in relationships along the way. Four, to be exact, and each woman brought with them a way to get Drew to open up -- and then ultimately shut himself down again. His first major relationship ruined him in a way he could never get past. His second one was one that made him uncomfortable; but in a way that made him look more closely at himself and while he's on good terms with that ex now, he wasn't sure if that could ever be repaired. The third was a relationship he should have never gotten into, and despite being engaged to her for a little while, it was short lived. She showed her true colors and he ran for the hills...straight into a relationship with a fourth woman who was one he eventually married while drunk in Vegas. And his marriage was one that he wanted to make work. He wanted it to work so much, but ultimately, it wouldn't due to his own insecurities. And Drew, well. He did what he could do best.

He left the country all together, running away from his problems, but not before gifting his wife with divorce papers. He traveled from country to country, eventually settling on Germany. While he was there, Drew befriended an old man named Hans, and since Hans was old and lonely, had offered Drew a place to stay. It turned out that Hans lived in a castle by himself, and was looking for a friend. The two became fast friends, playing chess and checkers, Hans telling Drew all about the history of his family and the history of the castle, and Drew showed Hans how to securely update the castle and protect it. Soon the two men were working on restoring the castle to it's former glory, a project that Drew very much enjoyed (much to his surprise). It was a way for him to move on from the past, to just continue to work with his hands and enjoy the time he had -- he found himself at peace.

In late 2017, Hans passed away in his sleep due to natural causes, and Drew found that as Hans had no living relatives he had decided to pass the castle to him. After the funeral, to which only Drew and the pastor attended, he promised the memory of his new friend that he would do his best to take care of the castle. It was shortly after Hans passed away, in early 2018 that Drew found a visitor at the castle -- his ex-girlfriend Tara. He wasn't sure how she found him, but she was on the run from something and needed a place to stay. He offered her a place at the castle, under the condition that she help him restore it, and try to avoid as much technological advances (unless where needed) as possible. It took some convincing, but Tara agreed, and soon the two exes turned friends were working on the castle together.

Living full time in Germany, Drew has had to find a new way of communicating, learning German as fast as he could and working to gain the trust of those around him. He's managed to hire some people to help work at the castle as well, and the restoration projects are coming along nicely. Sometimes, Drew finds himself missing his friends in the States, and occasionally sends them letters and emails -- but has protected the castle to not allow any teleportation devices other than his own so that he's not left with surprises (or unwanted babysitting duties, much to some people's dismay). There are times where Drew teleports back into the States from Germany, if only to gather some things, or observe his friends from afar, sad to see that the strange bullshit is still going on after so many years. But mostly he just keeps returning back to Germany to keep the promise he made to Hans, and hope that one day, he might have a family of his own to move into the castle with.

jack hammer (weasel)
Jack Hammer first went to college with Peter Parker, but was considered a huge nerd even by his standards. It wasn't until a time traveling Deadpool (pretending to be Peter Parker) took him on a drinking binge that he really began to loosen up and...basically ruined his life, going from an A+ student to a high-tech loser. At some point he became a weapons dealer and tech-guy for Deadpool.

More recently, he was seen acting as an armored security forcle in Las Vegas going by the name "The House". After battling Deadpool (and temporarily defeating him), the Merc offered to work with Weasel as his sidekick using a secondary set of armor and the name Wildcard. During a battle with Grizzly, Wildcard then made House look useless, so the next time Deadpool proposed that Weasel switch identities and take the credit for Wildcard's heroics. During a second fight with Grizzly, Weasel made Wildcard look like the hero of the fight, while Deadpool (as the House) stood by doing nothing and subsequently escaping with Grizzly and the stolen money. Now that House had become a criminal, Weasel tried to defeat Deadpool in battle, but the Merc escaped despite seemingly being killed by Weasel (still as Wildcard). When Wildcard bosses tried to find a body inside the House armor there was nothing, so Weasel couldn't clear his name and remained a fugitive, while Deadpool resumed the identity of Wildcard (although he renounced it shortly thereafter). (marvel wikia source)


     B.S. Computer Science & Engineering (2009)

     M.S. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (2013)

former occupations Rockstar Games NYC
     Employment: 1999-2005
     Grand Theft Auto III
     Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
     Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

2K Marin
     Employment: 2008-2010 (Telecommuting)
     BioShock 2

Irrational Games
     Employment: 2005-2014
     SWAT 4: The Stechkov Syndicate
     BioShock Infinite

Drew can be pretty excitable about a lot of things, mostly anything video games or nerd culture.

He's embarrassed easily (especially when something that comes up that he doesn't want to talk about), he has a tendency to talk fast, change the topic, or just kinda run from the room as he doesn't want to talk about it.

Fiercely loyal to his friends. He will do anything for them, and constantly puts them first over himself, as he feels as though their happiness is a lot more important than his own most of the time. He also has a bit of low self-esteem when it comes to his looks, as he does not feel he is attractive enough for a relationship or worthy of one.

His father is a real estate tycoon in New York, and his mother is a New York Senator. Both of his parents wanted him to become rich and powerful just like him, but instead Drew got interested in computers and used his brain towards educating himself with that instead of going into real estate or politics. Because of this, Drew has been disowned (though he is still allowed to collect his trust fund because "Dammit, Drew, we are not animals.")

Was a member of a gun club when he was younger, due to his father's insistence that his son learn how to shoot with the best and brightest (aka the children of the rich and powerful) of New York. While it's not something that Drew has kept up with, he does now and then go to the shooting range to see if he still has it. Sometimes he does. Other times he's lucky if he doesn't shoot the person next to him in the arm. Or the face. Or the butt.

Technology is pretty much what he spends most of his time on. He hacks into various sites when he's bored, though he never really does anything too malicious or dangerous. Since becoming unemployed, he's been tinkering more with computers and databases, though he's managed to keep people off his tail for now. He's the glorified IT guy in his group of friends - which doesn't exactly say too much.

Got married in Vegas. Isn't sure how he feels about it.